atomic funk

-Past Songs-
Here is a list of songs
that used to be
in our set list.

Ozzy Osbourne:
Flying High Again
Shot in the Dark
Miracle Man

Van Halen:
Little Dreamer
Jamie's Cryin'
Feel Your Love Tonight
Somebody Get Me A Doctor
Outta Love Again
Mean Street
Pretty Woman
Atomic Punk

Iron Maiden:
Where Eagles Dare
Aces High
Wildest Dreams
Can I Play With Madness

Creeping Death
Rock & Roll Ain't Noise Pollution
Love Removal Machine
Rock You Like A Hurricane
Slide it In
Wild Flower
Still of the Night
Wherever I May Roam
Symphony of Destruction
Metal Health
Screaming For Vengence
Detroit Rock City
We All Die Young
Good Times Bad Times
Wild Side
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